untuk semua yang mati

 A respect to the dead for the legends and pioneers / Your legacy won’t be forsaken as long as I am here / Knowledge of the past and, wisdom of the present / I’ll teach and leave in the hands of a worthy lieutenant _

A toast to the dead, for children with cancer and aids / A cure exists and you probably, could have been saved /  Sad to see, medicine divorce morality / Corporate homewreckers, pimpin’ up a salary _

 A toast to the dead, for those that’ve died today / The victims and those exonerated by DNA / The only thing worse than giving freedom to the guilty / Is killing the innocent, and leavin’ your soul filthy_
 Here I am, remember me when I’m gone / I encrypted my lyrics to stay alive in a song / So you’ll always keep a piece, of my spirit inside / When you struggle to complete what I started before I died_
 But some of you, won’t survive the changes the earth makes / Swallowed by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes / And that’s just the first stage of ‘you-can-not-reverse-ways’ / And realise that we are one, regardless of our birthplace _____ #lirik #r8c #CarpeDiem #kritik
penggal lirik dari : "toast to the dead" Immortal Technique

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