This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Many people believe that travelling is something that only a few of us can afford. I’d like to prove not only that money is unnecessary, but also that travelling without money is more fun.

Simone was born in 1987 in Rivoli near Turin. He studied classics and soon became passionate about music and arts. After graduation he enrolled at Dams, but he then later decided not to finish his studies; in 2007 he managed a company of car furniture for about a year. In 2008, he sold the company and started travelling to Ireland, England and Scotland, a trip that changed his life completely – up to the point that he now defines himself a nomadic traveller. In 2011, Simon and his friend Roberta Panero set up a three months trip from Turin to Portugal; they managed to do it without spending any money. When in Turin, Simone composes music and volunteers for the Italian Red Cross. He is co-author of the blog

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