THE DREAM OF A RIDICULOUS MAN (1992) film animasi

The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man (A. Petrov)


Based on the novel by Dostoyevsky, directed by Alexander Petrov.
The full film is 20 minutes long, divided into 2 parts.

 “I am a ridiculous person,” the story begins, “Now they call me a madman. That would be a promotion if it were not that I remain as ridiculous in their eyes as before. But now I do not resent it, they are all dear to me now.” This character, unlike Dostoevsky’s bitter underground man, has had a transformative experience—a dream in which he experiences the full moral weight of his choices on a grand scale. In a moment of instant enlightenment, our protagonist becomes a kinder, more humane person concerned with the welfare of others.


The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man (A. Petrov)

Wonderful animation of Dostoevsky’s story by Russian animator Alexander Petrov. (1992)

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