JAZZ & RAIN (music special)

"Jazz & Rain"
is three hours of soft jazz and smooth jazz playing over the sound of a gentle rain. This video is very relaxing and hypnotically soothing.

00:00 Inner City Blues
05:09 I Wanna Be Your Man
10:00 Blue Light
14:44 Transcendence
19:54 And I Love Her
26:32 The Frequency Of Knowing
32:41 Imagine
37:04 Afternoon Rain
41:23 In My Life
46:24 Late Night 80
50:34 Floating

uploaded by : Dr. SaxLove

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Info from Dr. SaxLove mengatakan...

Info from Dr. SaxLove

Message about this music from Dr. SaxLove who uploading this music

Hi, I'm Dr. SaxLove, and I know from experience that people love music that is soft, mellow, romantic, soothing, and relaxing; music that helps them relax and stay calm while they work, study, eat, sleep, and chill out.

That's exactly what this video is all about. I've created a playlist of some of my favorite mellow songs and have added the sound of a gentle rainstorm in the background. The combination of the rain and the music make this video hypnotically soothing.

You'll notice that some of the songs in this video are my versions of pop tunes, which I like to refer to as "pop jazz". "Inner City Blues", "I Wanna Be Your Man", and "Imagine" are good examples - songs you'll recognize with a smooth and jazz twist.

But some of the songs in this video are my original compositions.

"Blue Light" is a song I composed that tells the musical story of a woman who's walking in the city on a rainy evening when she hears, in the distance, the sexy and mysterious sound of a saxophone being played. She follows the sound through the mist to an out-of-the-way speakeasy, and as she steps through the door she sees the sax player on the stage with his band. Their eyes meet, and in a physically electric moment of psychic and spiritual recognition (even though they've never met) they realize a shocking truth: they know each other. Not in this lifetime, but in countless past lives. They have been lovers, siblings, mothers and fathers, best friends, mortal enemies, partners in all things human. Standing there, their eyes locked, the recognition pulses through them in a monumental wave of gestault. Suddenly, the connection explodes and they both disappear in brilliant flash of blue light (listen for that moment at the end of the song).

"Transcendence" is about sex. Not regular sex but that kind of sex that takes you far beyond - beyond the mental and emotional ties that bind you in the here and now. You transcend those limitations and fly to another space and time.

"The Frequency Of Knowing" is that wavelength of understanding that two people share when they both arrive at the same emotional space at the same time. They just know that they know that they know, together.

I used to drive long distances at night, and every now and then I would find myself on Interstate 80 in San Francisco in the wee hours. I was always struck with feeling in those moments, a feeling of wonder and mystery as if the city held some secret that was only revealed from a distance in the middle of the night. I've tried capture that feeling in "Late Night 80".

"Afternoon Rain" is simply my attempt to describe with music, the feeling of an afternoon rainstorm.

"Floating" is a beautiful song written by an old friend, an amazing guitarist and composer by the name of Sanjay Divecha from Mumbai.

Enjoy the music and the rain, and be at peace.

~Dr. SaxLove

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I love this music!!!!

~ Miranda

Anonim mengatakan...

OH DAMN.....


sena.. mbana mbura oo.. moon te seninggir te, mbana mbura.. nusanet te nusfavenda, fia mafo.. sena.. muruno.. mbana mbura..